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NIgerians have since become too comfortable with mediocrity and non-performance, ranging from poor public service to inefficient system, clearly orchestrated to benefit only a few.
It is from this background that men like Former Rivers State Governor and the current Minister of the Federal Capital territory, Chief Ezenwo Nyesom Wike have emerged to disrupt an underperforming system.
The likes of Former Governor Nyesom Wike in modern parlance are called “Disruptors”,  by simple definition, a disruptor is a person who causes a change in the direction of things or event or even movement.
Before the advent of Mr. Wike as Governor of Rivers state, Porthacourt the capital city was almost like a gangster town, with different groups of thugs and criminals operating unhinged, infrastructure was decaying, Wike disrupted that narrative and cause the story to change for Good.
We will remember how armed/ unknown gunmen nearly took over Porthacourt during the unfortunate endsars protest that held in mostly southern part of the country, Wike again disrupted them and cause an immediate halt. Till today the disbanded IPOB group have found Rivers state a hot destination to operate. That is the man Wike!
Now in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja has witnessed deterioration, crime and all manner of unpalatable happenings, while the former Minister goes to only wave President Buhari a Goodbye and Welcome at the airport anytime he is going out or coming in to the city.
The city even witnessed kindnappings and robbery, smelly environment and monumental infrastructure decay.
Again! Wike to the Rescue, I read recently that with pronouncement my Minister Nyesom Wike that all land documentation should be updated, The Abuja Geographical information system (AGIS) has realized over N1.9 billion in revenues, some undeveloped plots are now revoked since they have become hideouts for criminals snatching phones at traffic light stops at Night.
The energy, Bar. Nyesom Wike is coming on to the job of FCT minister with should be supported by all well meaning Nigerians, the previous mediocrity must be disrupted for competence, efficient and effective service that will benefit all law abiding citizens.
A lot of people will say Governor Wike is over talking, why shouldn’t he over talk? No serious Nigerian will see first hand what is happening without getting alarmed, leadership involves talking and discussion, give and take, afterall don’t we know that problem shared is half solved?
State Governors, public servants and key Government appointees should summon similar zeal and perform to change Nigeria for Good.
It takes our individual little efforts to make a great Nation.
Hon. Isah Liman Kantigi.

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