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China has replaced Latin America and India as a major world supplier of human organs and the trafficking trade.

In China, wait time for organ transplant often takes as little as weeks to find a compatible organ donor, as the country currently operates the second-largest transplant programs in the world, after the United States.

Since demands always exceed supply, a global organ trafficking system which operate both legally and illegally. The legal form is long and scarce compared to the number of patients waiting in line. The illicit trade which exploits the poor, physically challenged, and prisoners has become the more preferred alternative, and children are not exempt.

As more patients demand new organs amidst a long waiting time, with many patients dying long before they get donors, other sources emerged to bridge the supply gap. These sources, though suspect, satisfied some interests.

There have been reports of forced “harvesting” of prisoners’ organs in China and from unfortunate migrants who become victims of abductors.

In October 2022, Pakistan authorities discovered 500 unidentified bodies on the rooftop of Nishar Hospital in Multan, Balochistan, Pakistan. All their were vital organs has been harvested.

The province was notorious for a yearly average of 50’000 abductions, without a clue from law enforcement.

Similarly, on the southern border of Mongolia, from 2005 to 2015, reports say that over 10’000 children have disappeared and were allegedly, illegally taken to China. during the period 2005 to 2015. on the southern border of Mongolia.

These abductions supplied the demands for sex-workers, slaves, and vital organ trade in Asia.

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