Zero emission passenger ferry tour service debuts at Niagara Falls


Tobi Johnson   |   

The first American-built all-electric and zero-emission passenger boats begin service today in Maid of the Mist tour operation at Niagara Falls. The zero-emission ferries named the James V. Glynn and the Nikola Tesla, which run purely on sustainable power enabled by ABB are the first all-electric vessels of their kind built in the U.S.

The passenger vessels will markedly enhance visitor experience of a tour of the Niagara Falls.
and draw high-level attention in New York State, because of policy priority is to shift to renewable energy. Without engine noise, guests on board the tour boats will experience nature unpolluted, and protect the health of the waterways and environment, stakeholders say.

The full operation of the boats is emissions-free, and charging takes less than minutes even as tourists board or disembark.


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