China’s deadliest air disaster in 30 years, claims 132, black box still missing

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36 hours after China’s deadliest air disaster in 30 years, crash investigators have said that they do not yet know why the China Eastern jet carrying 132 plunged from the sky in Southern China on Monday afternoon.

The search teams are still combing the forest mountains for the Boeing aircraft flight recorders. This crash is a blight on China’s enviable air safety record.

Zhu Tao, China’s director of the aviation safety authority, on Tuesday evening said, “we are unable to make a clear judgement on the cause of the accident,” but are now focused on “the search for flight recorders”.

Independent aircrash investigators believe that the velocity of the crash, and the debris of twisted metal and scattered passengers’ belongings across the crash site clearly suggests that no survivors would be found.

Sniffer dogs, drones and other hi-tech search and rescue equipment deployed in the search for survivors in the steep, rough terrain have returned no results.

But despite, the search for the black box, which holds the flight data and cockpit voice recorder, will go on said top official of China’s Xinhua News Agency.

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