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Everybody naturally is condemned to a 24-hour lifeline daily. An entrepreneur is a survivor. Most times he survives on trial by error and conflict. But as an entrepreneur, you will require more hours daily to make any meaningful impact to survive or achieve your goal. So what do you do?

You negotiate and buy more hours from other people who are willing to trade their time for your money. But even as you gain more time, you must always watch out for these pitfalls in order to make your  time more productive.


  1. Never do everything yourself.
    Learn to leverage your time. Find someone else to do your common chores. The time you redeem from doing those chores yourself is more valuable and you’ll be able to focus more on your business.
  2. Looking for whom to blame? Take responsibility.
    aggressionIf you allow yourself to get mad on your way to work, it will affect your productivity for the whole day. Imagine you start the day by getting mad at 8:30am, trying hard to settle down by 10am, that mood will make you to wrongly interpret naturally innocent conversations and opinions.You can suddenly make a great day become useless, and create a potential fire that can destroy your business if not properly addressed. Instead, think of what you could have done otherwise. Train yourself not to get upset for an hour, then cut it down to 10 minutes and less. Doing this will help you achieve more from your day.
  3. Never worry about business failure.
    Take action instead. Worrying never solves anything, taking action does. Remember you have a 24-hour daily life-line, so get more organised.Never constantly let your strategies be predicated by your competition because you’ll always be a step behind. Focus on your game. Work on yourself and your strategies. Businesses are unique in different ways, always think and act on what to do next. Innovate to compete.
  4. Cut Watching TV
    The sophistication and allure of TV programming will eat away at your time and cause habit forming addiction. It is necessary for the sake of success to stay focused. Remember that the actor you’re watching is at his work and there is need for you to do yours.
  5. Stop that defer-till-tomorrow habit.
    Procastination is the name, a thief of Time. A successful entrepreneur will agree that any great idea has that ideal time of execution. Delaying what is needful until the 11th hour is a time assassin.
  6. Hold productive Meetings
    Hold meetings because they’re necessary, not because you held one last week. Your meetings must reflect and produce tangible results according to the agenda set for it. It must be profit driven. It is not a time for non-business conversations
  7. Understand policies of government and the economy.
    If you understand policies which affect you and your business, the better opportunity for you to focus on a solution driven route. If you don’t, it can be a limiting experience.
  8. Stop being Social emotional.
    Multi-tasking issuesRunning a business is 96% pure logic and grits, not emotion. Getting distracted from your goal has become easier today, with the excitement of the Cinema and new age Television series, Netflix, smart phone apps and social media, except your business depends and thrives on it, you should put your smart phone on silence during work hours, or keep a simple phone that don’t run apps handy, as your business line. Get a grip on your 24-hour day.
  9. Value and build Social capital.
    You must build a strong bond with anyone relevant to the success and growth of your business, from the cleaner to your assistant, you must value them, they’re your business tap root. Understand value and reward loyalty. Also, understand loyalty and learn to reward value. A research according to Dr. Gloria Mark, associate professor at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, identifies that “when you’re interrupted, you don’t immediately go back to the task you were doing before you were interrupted. In fact, workers tend to take on two additional tasks in between the interruption and returning to whatever it was they were doing before.”
  10. Think in your bath.
    Water is a great elixir for thinking. There must be a secret thing to it. When you ponder on a problem in your bath, the picture appears to become clearer.
  11. Use a time management list.
    Good old notepad and pen will save you from getting caught in the temptation of using the smartphone for more than what you need.
  12. Exercise your body and read to exercise your mind

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